Swallow Grotto

Here are 2 photographs of the jaw dropping Swallow Grotto. This narrow part of Taroko Gorge is composed of marble(!) cliff faces covered with small holes. This is the result of long-term erosion by river and ground water.

I just had to put up a few pictures of this location. I wish I had more time to take better pictures here, but I had very limited time, because I didn’t want to miss the last bus up to Tienhsiang, where I was staying. Actually the last bus never came and I ended up walking the 10km uphill along the road in the dark and pouring rain. Fortunately I had a flashlight so I didn’t need to walk in total darkness.

Original sizes: 2103 x 3739; 2178 x 3872 | Date taken: 15.11.2011 | Location: Taroko National Park, Taiwan

Comments and feedback are appreciated.

(Click on the photographs to see them in a larger size)


About j.t.l.

I’m a creative minded finnish fellow who is passionate about photography, making music, and traveling among many other things.


  1. for the time you had, these are great shots. I can’t believe you waked 10kms in the rain. How clever of you to carry a flashlight! No hitchhiking? 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad to hear that.

      Yes, I would have been pretty screwed if I didn’t have the flashlight. It got pitch black during the first few kilometres. I did think about hitchhiking while I was walking, but I thought that I can walk the distance, it’s “only” 10km. 🙂

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