An Aqueous Being

I bought a Tamron AF18-200mm F3.5-6.3 XR Di-II LD IF lens as a christmas present for myself. I couldn’t wait to try out the macro capabilities of the lens and here is what I was able to capture.

Original size: 1667 x 2500
f/6.3 | 1/2000 sec | ISO 100

Original size: 3250 x 2167
f/6.3 | 1/2000 sec | ISO 100

I was positively surprised by the results. This lens seems to be great value for the money and produces good photographs even though it is one of the cheaper lenses in the 18-200mm (35mm equivalent range of 29-320mm) focal length category. In addition to general photography, the macro capabilities seem to be very useful and this lens proved itself in wildlife photography as well when I went on a safari in Kanchanaburi.

Date taken: 22.12.2011 | Location: my kitchen, Bangkok, Thailand

Comments and feedback are appreciated.

(Click on the photographs to see them in a larger size)


About j.t.l.

I’m a creative minded finnish fellow who is passionate about photography, making music, and traveling among many other things.


  1. Fantastic. I have been shopping around for a new all purpose lens myself with the range mentioned above. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks and you’re welcome!
      I have noticed that this lens is sometimes a bit slow in autofocusing, mainly in conditions when there is less light, but it still is a great lens for the price.

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