Starry Night

f/3.5 | 15 min | ISO 100

Here is my first attempt at star trail photography. When I saw a star trail photograph for the first time I was very intrigued by it. I immediately knew that this was something that I just had to try. Taking pictures of star trails doesn’t require anything too fancy in terms of photography equipment (I just needed to buy a remote controller for my camera) but getting it right requires good planning, execution, and a bit of luck as well. When I went to visit Mukdahan for a few days I got the chance to try and take one of these kind of photographs at a dark tomato field. Although with my bare eyes it was extremely dark, the 15 minute exposure lights up the scene and you can even see my shadow as I was waiting there (the brownish shadow in the lower middle of the frame). I’m pleased how this turned out and I will surely continue experimenting with this type of photography in the future.

Original size: 3417 x 2241 | Date taken: 17.2.2012 | Location: Mukdahan, Thailand

Comments and feedback are appreciated.

(Click on the photograph to see it in a larger size)


About j.t.l.

I’m a creative minded finnish fellow who is passionate about photography, making music, and traveling among many other things.

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