Call of the Gibbons in infrared

I just had to try out how these views look in infrared as well. It was rather unpleasant to start changing the lens and messing around with the infrared filter (framing the shot, attaching the filter, taking the photo, unattaching the filter, and doing it all over again for every single shot) there because it was damn hot and there was a bunch of bees harassing me.

Original size: 3667 x 2444
f/3.5 | 1 sec | ISO 100

Original size: 3249 x 2166
f/8 | 4 sec | ISO 100

Date taken: 25.5.2012 | Location: Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand

Comments and feedback are appreciated.

(Click on the photograph to see it in a larger size)


About j.t.l.

I’m a creative minded finnish fellow who is passionate about photography, making music, and traveling among many other things.

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