Turning Night Into Day pt.II


I’ve been fascinated by star trail photography for quite a while now. Even though the conditions were far from optimal (the moonlight was far too bright during my stay there) I wanted to give it a go again. Although the trails are too weak in these photos, I’m still happy with the overall outcome. Exposing these scenes for 18-21 minutes made these photos look like they were taken in broad daylight. You can see my bungalow in the first photo.

Turning Night Into Day

f/4.5 21 min | ISO 100

Turning Night Into Day

f/4.5 18 min | ISO 100

Date taken: 20.10.2013 | Location: Koh Wai, Thailand

Comments and feedback are appreciated.

(Click on the photograph to see it in a larger size)


About j.t.l.

I’m a creative minded finnish fellow who is passionate about photography, making music, and traveling among many other things.

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